SPAIN - 27 April 2008 ( GMT +8 )

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ferrari’s Massa reveals relief after Bahrain victory

Following his dominant win at last weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa has spoken about his sense of relief after scoring his first points of 2008 at the Sakhir circuit. Massa, who won from second on the grid on Sunday, had retired from the first two rounds in Australia and Malaysia.

“It was a nice feeling to win, especially after my bad start to the season,” he told Ferrari’s official website. “The win came at just the right time and getting my name on the scoreboard at last. For the team also it was a perfect weekend as Kimi (Raikkonen) came second to give us maximum points.”

Massa also won the Sakhir race in 2007, but unlike last year, on Sunday the 26 year-old did not claim victory from pole. During Saturday’s qualifying, he was soundly beaten by BMW Sauber’s Robert Kubica, who clinched the top grid slot with an impressive lap. But Massa, it seems, was not worried about Kubica’s pace.

“It was clear that he was running fairly light in terms of fuel, or at least lighter than us,” explained the Ferrari driver. “I knew I would have around five laps more fuel than him. But thanks to a good start, even this wasn't necessary. So I was never really racing Kubica, as I knew we had a better car and a better strategy.”

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bahrain Final Result - Ferrari one two win..

A great race at Bahrain ended with Felipe Massa grab the first win after 2 race without any points. Kimi Raikkonen finished second after took the spot from Kubica that slipped to the third podium although he started at the pole position. The fourth position filled by Kubica's teammate Heidfield and it is a great possession by these two teams. Here is the full results .. :-

Pos No Driver Team Laps Time/Retired Grid Pts
1 2 Felipe Massa Ferrari 57 Winner 2 10
2 1 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari 57 +3.3 secs 4 8
3 4 Robert Kubica BMW 57 +4.9 secs 1 6
4 3 Nick Heidfeld BMW 57 +8.4 secs 6 5
5 23 Heikki Kovalainen McLaren-Mercedes 57 +26.7 secs 5 4
6 11 Jarno Trulli Toyota 57 +41.3 secs 7 3
7 10 Mark Webber Red Bull-Renault 57 +45.4 secs 11 2
8 7 Nico Rosberg Williams-Toyota 57 +55.8 secs 8 1
9 12 Timo Glock Toyota 57 +69.5 secs 13
10 5 Fernando Alonso Renault 57 +77.1 secs 10
11 17 Rubens Barrichello Honda 57 +77.8 secs 12
12 21 Giancarlo Fisichella Force India-Ferrari 56 +1 Lap 18
13 22 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 56 +1 Lap 3
14 8 Kazuki Nakajima Williams-Toyota 56 +1 Lap 16
15 14 Sebastien Bourdais STR-Ferrari 56 +1 Lap 15
16 19 Anthony Davidson Super Aguri-Honda 56 +1 Lap 21
17 18 Takuma Sato Super Aguri-Honda 56 +1 Lap 22
18 9 David Coulthard Red Bull-Renault 56 +1 Lap 17
19 20 Adrian Sutil Force India-Ferrari 55 +2 Laps 20
Ret 6 Nelsinho Piquet Renault 40 +17 Laps 14
Ret 16 Jenson Button Honda 19 +38 Laps 9
Ret 15 Sebastian Vettel STR-Ferrari 0 +57 Laps 19

After this 3rd race finish, the Champions; Kimi Raikkonen took the 1st spot at the Drivers Standings. And a surprising and unpredictable 1st position for the Constructor Standings with BMW Sauber take the lead by 1 point pass the world champion Ferrari. On 27 April 2008 they will fight again at Spain's Catalunya Circuit. See you there.

Bahrain - Qualifying Results

Robert Kubica grabbed the pole position from Ferrari, Felipe Massa and will lead the race on tomorrow morning at Sakhir Circuit in Bahrain . Here's the qualifying results.

Pos - Car No - Driver Name - Team

1 4 Robert Kubica BMW
2 2 Felipe Massa Ferrari
3 22 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes
4 1 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari
5 23 Heikki Kovalainen McLaren-Mercedes
6 3 Nick Heidfeld BMW
7 11 Jarno Trulli Toyota
8 7 Nico Rosberg Williams-Toyota
9 16 Jenson Button Honda
10 5 Fernando Alonso Renault
11 10 Mark Webber Red Bull-Renault
12 17 Rubens Barrichello Honda
13 12 Timo Glock Toyota
14 6 Nelsinho Piquet Renault
15 14 Sebastien Bourdais STR-Ferrari
16 8 Kazuki Nakajima Williams-Toyota
17 9 David Coulthard Red Bull-Renault
18 21 Giancarlo Fisichella Force India-Ferrari
19 15 Sebastian Vettel STR-Ferrari
20 20 Adrian Sutil Force India-Ferrari
21 19 Anthony Davidson Super Aguri-Honda
22 18 Takuma Sato Super Aguri-Honda

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bahrain - McLaren's Hamilton Lost Control

Young and promising McLaren driver, Lewis Hamilton spun off when having the practice session at Shakir Circuit in Bahrain. news said : -

" The Englishman lost control of his McLaren on the exit to Turn Seven, the fast chicane, with 10 minutes left to run, and though he caught the ensuing slide and held it, he ran out of room and his MP4-23 struck a barrier heavily enough to loosen two wheels and cause considerable damage. He was unhurt. "

But before that, he already take on the 4th fastest lap behind the 2 ferrari driver and his teammate, Heiki Kovalainen.

Bahrain - Ferrari on the top in Friday's Practice Session

Ferrari drivers, Felipe Massa and World Champion Kimi Raikkonen take the lead in both practice session at Shakhir Circuit, Bahrain. Their car were in a low fuel load to make the car take full control on the dusty and slippery track. Plus with the heat temperature that makes all the driver in a difficult time along the race.

Today, they will come out to fight for the pole position for the race that will be held on Sunday. Here's the early progress made by all the team and the position in the Friday's Practice Session :-

Felipe Massa, 1m 32.233s, P1/1m 31.420s, P1
Kimi Raikkonen, 1m 32.350s, P2/1m 32.327s, P2

Heikki Kovalainen, 1m 32.868s, P5/1m 32.752s, P3
Lewis Hamilton, 1m 32.705s, P4/1m 32.847s, P4

BMW Sauber
Robert Kubica, 1m 33.333s, P7/1m 32.915s, P5
Nick Heidfeld, 1m 34.106s, P14/1m 34.023s, P17

Nico Rosberg, 1m 32.415s, P3/1m 33.022s, P6
Kazuki Nakajima, 1m 33.121, P6/1m 33.098s, P8

Red Bull
David Coulthard, 1m 33.788s, P9/1m 33.048s, P7
Mark Webber, 1m 33.950s, P12/1m 33.782s, P13

Toro Rosso
Sebastien Bourdais, 1m 34.235s, P15/1m 33.197s, P9
Sebastian Vettel, 1m 34.321s, P16/1m 34.787s, P20

Nelson Piquet, 1m 33.981s, P13/1m 33.247s, P10
Fernando Alonso, 1m 33.815s, P10/1m 33.755s, P12

Jenson Button, 1m 34.915s, P18/1m 33.710s, P11
Rubens Barrichello, 1m 35.174s, P19/1m 33.966s, P16

Jarno Trulli, 1m 33.539s, P8/1m 33.822s, P14
Timo Glock, 1m 33.929s, P11/1m 33.856s, P15

Force India
Giancarlo Fisichella, 1m 34.892s, P17/1m 34.388s, P18
Adrian Sutil, 1m 35.429s, P20/1m 34.405s, P19

Super Aguri
Takuma Sato, 1m 36.536s, P22/1m 35.288s, P21
Anthony Davidson, 1m 36.145s, P21/1m 35.712s, P22

p/s : Briton Young Driver, Lewis Hamilton spun off when took a lap on the practice session. But, he still manage to get the 4th fastest lap in that session.